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The Roller Coaster of Consumer Spending, the Whiplash of Consumer Sentiment, and How to Effectively Engage for Collections

2 July 2024

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CFPB Issues UDAAP Guidance On Contracts for Consumer Financial Products and Services

11 June 2024

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insideARM Weekly Recap – Week of May 27th, 2024

3 June 2024

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Opting Out of Letters? Not So Fast Says Texas Court

30 May 2024

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CFPB Updates Risk-Based Nonbank Supervision Designation Process

24 April 2024

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CFPB Publishes Consumer Response Annual Report

18 April 2024

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Kentucky Becomes 15th State to Enact a Comprehensive Consumer Data Privacy Law

17 April 2024

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A Friendly Reminder of the Importance of Robust Consumer Complaint Handling Processes

4 April 2024

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CFPB Releases Final Credit Card Late Fee Rule; Slashes Fees to $8

5 March 2024

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NYC Proposes Amendments to Debt Collection Rules; Comments Due by Nov 29th

19 October 2023

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CFPB Uses Aged Data in Report on Judgments and Why it's a Big Deal

15 May 2023

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Report Shows Steep Rise in Consumer Complaints to CFPB: Consumer Reporting Leads the List While Debt Collection Declines

20 April 2023

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District Court Awards Consumer Fees; Says Actual Damages Do not Equal a Concrete Injury

15 March 2023

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Collections Industry Sees Significant Split Between Large and Small Firms’ Investments in Customer Contact Channels

7 December 2022

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Debunked! Four Compliance Myths and Misconceptions for Collections

29 September 2022

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Tenth Circuit Finds that Materiality Must be Determined Through the Perspective of the Reasonable Consumer

13 September 2022

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Hunstein Isn't Over: 4 Things You Need to Know

12 September 2022

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Credit Eco to Go: Fairness as a Service [Podcast]

7 September 2022

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CFPB Signals Increased Scrutiny of Credit Card Industry Interest Rates

6 September 2022

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Banking Groups Challenge CFPB’s RFI on Customer Service

1 September 2022